Social Challenges Need Social Consultants

We believe that the age we live in and the problems we face require a contemporary solution. The solution we propose is to urge professionals and academics from all walks of life to be Social Consultants for change. In doing this, they will use their talent, resources and expertise to consult on social challenges and thereby design innovative solutions to those problems; solutions that are as intricate as the challenges themselves.

Because we are able to bring together such a diverse group of professionals, we are able to consult on modern day social challenges with contemporary understandings. This is vital since we as an organisation believe individuals will prosper only when we use our abilities to prosper society as a whole.

Focus Area consulting

Our Social Consultants will focus their desire for change on areas where they feel they can offer the most support. For this reason we have outlined four Focus Areas from which to choose that will direct their talents, resources and expertise.

Focus Areas are what we as an organisation feel are the social challenges that represent the greatest hindrance to the progression of South Africa’s society but also will result in the greatest benefit to communities when that progress is achieved. These four areas of change are distinct platforms that require corporate, civil and state participation to deliver comprehensive solutions. Our members and affiliates will therefore consult on ways to bring these parties together to effect sustainable change. Our focus areas are:

  • Business and Entrepreneur Development
    • Economic growth has shown to be promoted when platforms for small business development and sustainability are provided. We as an organisation believe this is a key area to improve the skills of poverty affected communities and as a result their economic potential in society.
  • Early Childhood Development
    • When priority is given to the development of the youth in terms of their social and emotional strength within society, then emphasis is placed on the importance of their decisions later in life. This is the mandate of Early-Childhood Development; giving the youth of today the strength of mind to make decisions that help sustain the socio-economic growth of tomorrow’s society.
  • E-learning 
    • With the use of information technology – education resources can reach poverty affected communities easier and faster than ever before. In the aims of improving access to this information, we as an organisation wish to develop platforms for easily accessible, online education resources. This allows students to access Maths, Science and English resources to supplement their school material; an opportunity which will benefit a pressured education system.
  • Urban and Environmental Solutions
    •  Urbanisation occurs at such a rapid rate in developing countries that it causes unplanned stress on social structures, only emphasising the negative effect these social challenges have on poverty affected communities. Research and recommendations to ease the stress on the urban environment and its services will be made to deliver solutions to these challenges and thereby reduce the negative  effect they have on communities in poverty.


The Euclid Society Oath
We are few in the service of many.
No one is responsible for another but we all are responsible for each other.
Those that bring change will honour to see its end.
I will show honour to seek its end.
All means more lost than that gained in compromise.