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To whom it may concern

The Euclid Society is a social developmental organisation that was formed to change the consciousness of society through active participation of its members. Towards this, we bring together role models from various career paths and different walks-of-life to not only display the hope and potential of society, but also to offer a broader base upon which we can consult on the four focus areas that have been identified as key social challenges.

Who are We?

The Sport Development Institute is a multi-sport code developmental program focused on providing technical and life skills to underprivileged children from Elsies River and Rugby in Cape Town.
This is a non-profit initiative run but the Euclid Society. We would like to ask you for your support in obtaining funding through allowing us to market and sell consumer goods on your premises on weekends, sports and market days.
We are a group of twenty somethings looking to create a sustainable model for social development. This means we focus on self-sustaining methods of selling good and providing services instead of the orthodox dependence driven model of donations.

How do we do this?soccer Soccer Clinic Cape Town

We raise funds through a social development league. The format of the league is as follows:

  •  6 Team League : 1 game per week
  •  Log Format over 10 weeks : Plate, Bowl and Cup Finals with Prizes
  • Each Team plays opponents twice

Why are we doing this?

To raise funds for a sports clinic run by the Euclid Society who`s members have been funding the clinic from their own pockets. We therefore need you to help us make the major differences already achieved a sustainable benefit to the children we develop with basic sports skills with a strong focus on leadership. We also use this a platform to introduce the kids to areas outside of their communities as a means to show them opportunities they can work towards and strive for. In terms of leadership, our members also offer mentorship and career guidance to our beneficiaries in the aims of assisting them with choosing the right career path and finding possible funding opportunities.
This a sustainable development program based on a non-profit model proceeds going to the sports institute and our beneficiaries.

How do you participate?

You may either join as a social team with a group of friends or as a corporate team with your colleagues. Make a team of 6, make a team of 8 or make a team simply to fill the 5 player format your need to participate but come and enjoy yourself in the aims of helping the children of our Sports Development Institute and you and your team-mates will have loads of fun in the process.
We would like to ask you for your support in obtaining funding through this social development league. We assist 64 children from the Elsies River area with our aim being 72 children. For this reason, each of the 12 teams in the league will be responsible for 6 kids in terms of their payment to be part of the league.
The 6 children assigned to each team in the “Adopt a Child” campaign then requires each team to pay at least R600 per game. There is a game every week for a 3 month period. The grand prize is three cases of beer for the team that wins the league – and you know you have been part of the amazing development in the lives of 6 children – where do you sign up? Right here!!

How do you benefit?

  • Access to our sports development institution
  • A fun way to give back to underprivileged communities through sport
  •  Association with a fresh developmental approach by a group of young professionals.
  •  Social profiling of your establishment.

Achievements to date:
To date we have hosted 4 sports events teaching technical football skills, physical training and life skills.
Have a wonderful day further.