Social participation

Social Consulting requires participation and this we urge from all our members and affiliates. It is only through participation of these individuals and corporates that innovation is more easily achieved.

As an organisation, we are able to gather a diverse resource and talent group in the aims of consulting within our four Focus Areas. The skills and academic background of our members will be used to consult in Engagements we undertake; this essentially is the problem solving kit we have put together to combat current social challenges. Our method is quite unique as it allows us to take on various complex and contemporary challenges and deliver solutions that will have sustainable social benefit.

All of our members have various competencies which make them ideal to be part of the solution. These skills they have learnt from their education, their business, their family life or simply through observation. Our Engagements will innovatively direct these skills within the Power Teams setup for each new challenge we undertake and together they will deliver a comprehensive solution to complex problems, those skills being:

  • Project management
  • Financial advice and reporting methods.
  • Branding and marketing
  • Public relations
  • Engineering
  • Medicine
  • Research

We ask all of society who feel they fall into the categories above to be part of the future of South Africa. To do this, fill in the application form below and be a Euclid member and participate in the change so necessary of our future. The application will be just that, an application – this will just be an offering of what you can give to the progression of society. Your skills will be logged on our database and as The Euclid Society undertakes new Engagements, you will be contacted to check your availability to consult within that Enagement.

Social participation is a very passive process for Power Team members. It simply requires a response to an email or a phone call. Your expertise will be used to guide the Power Team Leader to make the best possible decision regarding your specific skill or discipline. The Power Team Leader will then consult with in the Engagement and come to the best possible solution to which ever social challenge is being faced.


As a member of The Euclid Society you have the chance to effortlessly give back through something that you love, your livelihood. The networking of professionals amongst the Eucllid Society will build a strong partnership for personal and career growth for our members

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