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Main leadership profiles

The purpose of The Euclid Society is only achievable through the efforts and strength of its members. With a strong group of young, socially minded individuals, we have brought together various skills to bring about the change required of a progressive society. Learn more about our leadership team below and why they have decided to become social consultants:

Megan Holt

Megan Holt Megan Holt


“My choice to become a social consultant came about when I realised that I cannot express my dissatisfaction of societal chaos, a government that is lacking and the segregation between classes if I’m not doing anything about it so essentially I’ve chosen and […]

Lisa Mbobo

Lisa Mbobo Lisa Mbobo

I have always been a leader in different situations in life and I wanted to continue this by becoming a social consultant. I love the idea of giving back in a positive way through the use of my education to educate others […]

Ryan Lewis

Ryan Lewis e1406454670200 Ryan Lewis

IT Engineer

During my adolescent phase of development, I placed little to no value on education. Much like any other youth in society, my sole focus was placed on social interaction and peer recognition. Having developed a dependency on social acknowledgement, I continuously neglected my studies […]

Busiswa Damoyi

Busi Damoyi e1406373689691 Busiswa Damoyi


When I became aware of how other people have played a role in illuminating my potential which enhanced my ideology of what each person is capable of, a small act that impact people’s lives positively can resulting in enormous change not only to  them but also […]