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Main leadership profiles

The purpose of The Euclid Society is only achievable through the efforts and strength of its members. With a strong group of young, socially minded individuals, we have brought together various skills to bring about the change required of a progressive society. Learn more about our leadership team below and why they have decided to become social consultants:

Mcebo Ntombela

Mcebo Ntombela 300x300 Mcebo Ntombela

Financial Analyst

After studying a BCom in Finance and Economics I became aware that after obtaining political freedom in 1994, we have a majority of our country still in the shackles of poverty. I decided to become a social consultant so that I […]

Matthew O’sullivan

Matthew Osullivan 200x300 Matthew Osullivan


As a graduate of the Industrial Psychology and Business Management Faculties at Rhodes University. I have always had a mind for the way other people think and manage themselves in the external environment. Money is one of life’s key tools but very few actually […]

Jocky Jacobs

photo3 e1406456644269 300x277 Jocky Jacobs


I believe every child deserves an opportunity to be given an education. Education is the key to unleashing your conscious and awareness. That is what has happened to me. It has lead me to graduate and become a part of the industry of Culinary Arts. […]

Joe Ashburner

Joe Ashburner Joe Ashburner


Living in the third world is an eye opener when it comes to the need for social change and the education of people from all walks of life in order to build a sustainable world in the 21st century. As a digital entrepreneur […]