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Main leadership profiles

The purpose of The Euclid Society is only achievable through the efforts and strength of its members. With a strong group of young, socially minded individuals, we have brought together various skills to bring about the change required of a progressive society. Learn more about our leadership team below and why they have decided to become social consultants:

David Oliphant

David Oliphant e1406225058329 David Oliphant


As a graduate of the Engineering and Built Environment faculty of UCT, I have become so much more aware of what we are to add to society and the objectives we as a society can achieve from that participation. This is the reason […]

Mbulelo Gushu

Mbulelo Gushu e1406455041843 300x282 Mbulelo Gushu


Growing up I never understood the potential one has and how one’s potential can help other’s realise their own. I only came to this understanding whilst completing my studies at the University of Cape Tow,n through the many different kinds of students and […]

Leigh Bruinders

Leigh Bruinders Leigh Bruinders


“Growing up in South Africa has taught me many lessons. One of these lessons is the fact that our leaders and other inspiring figures, have all emerged from various walks of life. This has taught me the value of igniting […]

Michael Chikwava

Michael Chikwava 156x300 Michael Chikwava


Any hope for a prosperous future for Africa lies in unravelling the bright minds of our society, allowing them to reach their potential. Individuals must realise their role in society and assume responsibility for the development of society, as well as illuminating potential […]