Future Engagements

The Euclid Development Home

We believe that social housing can be a very effective mechanism for improving the feelings of social inclusion of many of South Africans when the design is both socially inclusive and environmentally supportive. Our Social Consultants, Michael Chikwava and David Oliphant, will endeavour to research, design and put-forward a usable model that may achieve the objectives we have set. When these have been met, we know it would have gone some way to providing a platform for an improved sense of social inclusion experienced by low-income groups due to the effective provisions of social housing.

Financial Literacy

Together with Think Impact and associated corporates, we wish to provide a platform for the start-up of small-business enterprises. To do this, a high priority will be placed on the skills development of the owners of these businesses to ensure sustainable benefit can be achieved. We believe the start-up of sustainable small businesses remains a key to fighting poverty circumstance.
The objectives of this engagement are twofold:

  • Be a platform to develop small-businesses in poverty affected communities and be a mechanism to provide a working community asset.
  • Increase the business skills of those communities so the model is replicable and achieves the aims of providing additional income to those business owners and their families

“School life” book

We want to give children of the modern era the best possible start to life because a strong beginning gives rise to a strong future. To do this, an already established Power Team consisting of Mbulelo Gushu and Lamya Harthur is discussing ways of rolling out information that may guide today’s youth to make better decisions for their future; decisions regarding their career, their families and their life.

We wish for all children to know themselves and understand who they might be – a fact that might be corrected by achieving a youth that is understanding of both their social and emotional intelligence.

Online Education resources

We believe that poverty is a very limiting factor when it comes to a quality access to education for all. For this reason, a Power Team consisting of Joe Ashburner and Yasser Slamdien has innovatively thought of ways to utilise the internet in the aims of providing easily accessible education resources. We hope this to better the access many South Africans have to this information.
Education is a vital aspect of skills development. In order for your skills to develop, you must be on a platform to:

  • Understand which skills are required and
  • Nurture the understanding as to how to develop those skills

These are the objectives of E-learning resources, to supplement the understanding required of a society whose skills are to develop.