Welcome to The Euclid Society where we aim to bring the challenges of society closer to those who can help bring positive change. Anyone can help but not many know how, this is where we desire to show those who wish to help how this is possible and the extent to which a small difference can create long-lasting benefit. Corporates can help but is it profitable for them to do so? Government can help but do they have the resources to make the change? We therefore bring civil society to supplement the solution.


But we don’t just want any kind of change – the change must be positive and sustainable for all of society; positive for those affected by poverty in that they are shown the mechanisms to alleviate those conditions and positive for those who are more fortunate as they are urged to participate in activities which bring them closer to the needs of others. Without this type of collaboration, sustainable change that benefits all of society becomes a social challenge in itself.


To do this, we wish to bring together the skills of society and collectively this becomes a problem solving mechanism. When corporates, you and I and government make an effort to collaborate for the betterment of humankind, only good can come of it, when good is the focus – this is our belief as an organisation; the betterment of humankind through the collaboration of all those who are part of it. It is only when we are all conscious of those around us that we begin to think of the effect our impact has on others. As an organisation we aim to highlight those effects and propose methods by which we can engineer them to bring progression to society both socially and economically.

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